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                          cmdlineoptions.h  -  description
    begin                : Sun Nov 25 2001
    copyright            : (C) 2001-2007 by Andre Simon
    email                : andre.simon1@gmx.de

This file is part of Highlight.

Highlight is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

Highlight is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with Highlight.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.


#ifdef _WIN32
#include <windows.h>

#include <string>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <vector>

#include "stringtools.h"
#include "enums.h"

#define OPT_ADDCONFDIR     "add-config-dir"
#define OPT_ADDDATADIR     "add-data-dir"
#define OPT_ANCHORS        "anchors"
#define OPT_ANCHOR_FN      "anchor-filename"
#define OPT_ANCHOR_PFX     "anchor-prefix"
#define OPT_ANSI           "ansi"
#define OPT_BABEL          "babel"
#define OPT_BASE_FONT      "font"
#define OPT_BASE_FONT_SIZE "font-size"
#define OPT_BATCHREC       "batch-recursive"
#define OPT_CLASSNAME      "class-name"
#define OPT_DATADIR        "data-dir"
#define OPT_DELTABS        "replace-tabs"
#define OPT_DOC_TITLE      "doc-title"
#define OPT_ENCLOSE_PRE    "enclose-pre"
#define OPT_ENCODING       "encoding"
#define OPT_FILLZEROES     "zeroes"
#define OPT_FORCE_OUTPUT   "force"
#define OPT_FORMAT         "reformat"
#define OPT_FRAGMENT       "fragment"
#define OPT_HELP           "help"
#define OPT_HELP_LANG      "help-lang"
#define OPT_HTML           "html"
#define OPT_IN             "input"
#define OPT_INC_STYLE      "include-style"
#define OPT_INDEXFILE      "print-index"
#define OPT_INLINE_CSS     "inline-css"
#define OPT_KW_CASE        "kw-case"
#define OPT_LATEX          "latex"
#define OPT_LINENO         "linenumbers"
#define OPT_LINE_LEN       "line-length"
#define OPT_LISTLANGS      "list-langs"
#define OPT_LISTTHEMES     "list-themes"
#define OPT_LNR_LEN        "line-number-length"
#define OPT_LNR_START      "line-number-start"
#define OPT_MARK_LINES     "mark-line"
#define OPT_ORDERED_LIST   "ordered-list"
#define OPT_OUT            "output"
#define OPT_OUTDIR         "outdir"
#define OPT_RTF_PAGE_SIZE  "page-size"
#define OPT_RTF_CHAR_STYLES "char-styles"
#define OPT_PRINT_CONFIG   "print-config"
#define OPT_PROGRESSBAR    "progress"
#define OPT_QUIET          "quiet"
#define OPT_REPLACE_QUOTES "replace-quotes"
#define OPT_RTF            "rtf"
#define OPT_STYLE          "style"
#define OPT_STYLE_IN       "style-infile"
#define OPT_STYLE_OUT      "style-outfile"
#define OPT_SYNTAX         "syntax"
#define OPT_TEST_INPUT     "validate-input"
#define OPT_TEX            "tex"
#define OPT_VERBOSE        "verbose"
#define OPT_VERSION        "version"
#define OPT_WRAP           "wrap"
#define OPT_WRAPSIMPLE     "wrap-simple"
#define OPT_XHTML          "xhtml"
#define OPT_XML            "xml"
#define OPT_XTERM256       "xterm256"
#define OPT_SVG            "svg"
#define OPT_SVG_WIDTH      "width"
#define OPT_SVG_HEIGHT     "height"
#define OPT_SKIP_UNKNOWN   "skip"
#define OPT_CTAGS_FILE     "ctags-file"
#define OPT_PRETTY_SYMBOLS "pretty-symbols"

// Improve CLI option compatibility with GNU source-highlight
#define OPT_COMPAT_DOC       "doc"
#define OPT_COMPAT_NODOC     "no-doc"
#define OPT_COMPAT_TAB       "tab"
#define OPT_COMPAT_CSS       "css"
#define OPT_COMPAT_OUTDIR    "output-dir"
#define OPT_COMPAT_FAILSAFE  "failsafe"
#define OPT_COMPAT_OUTFORMAT "out-format"
#define OPT_COMPAT_SRCLANG   "src-lang"
#define OPT_COMPAT_LINENUM   "line-number"
#define OPT_COMPAT_LINEREF   "line-number-ref"

using namespace std;

/// handle command line options

00129 class CmdLineOptions

             \param argc Argument count
             \param argv Argument strings
            CmdLineOptions ( const int argc, const char *argv[] );

            /** \return Single output file name*/
            const string &getSingleOutFilename();

            /** \return Single input file name*/
            const string &getSingleInFilename() const;

            /** \return Output directory*/
            const string& getOutDirectory() ;

            /** \return Style output file name*/
            const string getStyleOutFilename() const;

            /** \return Style input file name*/
            const string& getStyleInFilename() const;

            /** \return Char set*/
            const string& getEncoding() const;

            /** \return SVG width*/
            const string& getSVGWidth() const;

            /** \return SVG height*/
            const string& getSVGHeight() const;

            /** \return Number of spaces to replace a tab*/
            int getNumberSpaces() const;

            /** \return True if version information should be printed*/
            bool printVersion() const;

            /** \return True if help information should be printed*/
            bool printHelp() const;

            /** \return True if debug information should be printed*/
            bool printDebugInfo() const;

            /** \return True if configuration information should be printed*/
            bool printConfigInfo() const;

            /** \return True if Style definition should be included in output*/
            bool includeStyleDef() const;

            /** \return True if line numbers should be printed*/
            bool printLineNumbers() const;

            /** \return colour theme name */
            string getThemeName() const ;

            /** gibt true zurck, falls deutsche Hilfe ausgegeben werden soll */
            int helpLanguage() const;

            /** \return True if batch mode is active*/
            bool enableBatchMode() const;

            /** \return True if output shluld be fragmented*/
            bool fragmentOutput() const;

            /** \return output file suffix */
            string getOutFileSuffix() const;

            /** \return True if anchors should be attached to line numbers*/
            bool attachLineAnchors() const;

            /** \return True if list of installed themes should be printed*/
            bool showThemes() const;

            /** \return True if list of installed language definitions should be printed*/
            bool showLangdefs() const;

            /** \return True if loutput directory is given*/
            bool outDirGiven() const;

            /** \return True if refomatting is enabled*/
//    bool formattingEnabled();

            /** \return True if a new data directory is given*/
            bool dataDirGiven() const;

            /** \return True if an additional data directory is given*/
            bool additionalDataDirGiven() const;

            /** \return True if index file should be printed*/
            bool printIndexFile() const;

            /** \return True if quotes should be replaced by /dq in LaTeX*/
            bool replaceQuotes() const;

            /** \return True if shorthands of LaTeX Babel package should be disabled*/
            bool disableBabelShorthands() const;

            /** \return True if input file name should be used as anchor name */
            bool useFNamesAsAnchors() const;

            /** \return Data directory*/
            const string &getDataDir() const;

            /** \return Additional data directory*/
            const string &getAdditionalDataDir() const;

            /** \return Additional config data directory*/
            const string &getAdditionalConfDir() const;

            /** \return  path of user config file*/
            const string &getConfigFilePath() const;

            /** \return True if language syntax is given*/
            bool syntaxGiven() const;

            /** \return True if quiet mode is active*/
            bool quietMode() const;

            /** \return True if progress bar should be printed in batch mode */
            bool printProgress() const;

            /** \return True if line numbers are filled with leading zeroes */
            bool fillLineNrZeroes() const;

            /** \return programming syntax */
            const string &getLanguage() const ;

            /** \return Wrapping style*/
            highlight::WrapMode getWrappingStyle() const;

            /** \return List of input file names*/
            const vector <string> & getInputFileNames() const;

            /** \return Map of marked lines*/
            const map <int,string> &getMarkLines();

            /** \return indentation and reformatting scheme*/
            string getIndentScheme() const;

            /** \return RTF page size */
            const string &getPageSize() const;

            /** \return Output file format */
            highlight::OutputType getOutputType() const;

            /** \return True if chosen output format supports referenced style files */
            bool formatSupportsExtStyle();

            /** \return True if style output path was defined by user*/
00282             bool styleOutPathDefined() const
                  return opt_stylepath_explicit;

            /** \return True if encoding specification should be omitted in output*/
            bool omitEncoding() const;

            /** \return True if output should be generated if languege type is unknown*/
            bool forceOutput() const;

            /** \return True if line numbers should be replaced by ordered list (HTML) */
            bool orderedList() const;

            /** \return True if a base font has been given */
            bool hasBaseFont() const ;

            /** \return True if input should be validated */
            bool validateInput() const ;

            /** \return True if CSS should be outputted within tag elements */
            bool inlineCSS() const ;

            /** \return True if fragmented html output should be enclosed with pre tags */
            bool enclosePreTag() const ;

            /** \return True if RTF output should include character styles */
            bool includeCharStyles() const ;

            /** \return True if LaTeX output should includ fancier symbols */
            bool prettySymbols() const;

            /** \return The given base font, empty string by default */
            const string& getBaseFont() const ;

            /** \return Document title */
            const string& getDocumentTitle() const ;

            /** \return anchor prefix */
            const string& getAnchorPrefix() const ;

            /** \return class name */
            const string& getClassName() const ;

            /** \return ctags file name */
            const string& getTagsFile() const ;

            /** \return True if a base font size has been given */
            bool hasBaseFontSize() const ;

            /** \return The given base font size, empty string by default */
            const string& getBaseFontSize() const ;

            /** \return line number width */
            int getNumberWidth();

            /** \return line length */
            int getLineLength();

            /** \return Line number start count */
            int getNumberStart();

            /** \return Keyword Case (upper, lower, unchanged) */
            StringTools::KeywordCase getKeywordCase() const;

            bool isSkippedExt ( const string& ext )
                  return ignoredFileTypes.count ( ext );


            int numberSpaces;   // number of spaces which replace a tab
            int lineNrWidth;    // width of line number (left padding)
            int lineLength;    // length of line before wrapping
            int lineNrStart;    // line number start count
            highlight::WrapMode wrappingStyle; // line wrapping mode
            highlight::OutputType outputType;
            StringTools::KeywordCase keywordCase;

            // name of single output file
            string outFilename,
            // output directory
            // programming syntax which will be loaded
            // name of colour theme
            // name of external style file
            // name of file to be included in external style file
            // used to define data directories at runtime
            dataDir, additionalDataDir, additionalConfigDir;
            // name of indenation scheme
            string indentScheme,

            string baseFont, baseFontSize;
            string docTitle, className;
            string markLinesArg;
            string skipArg;
            string svg_height, svg_width;
            string ctagsFile;

            bool opt_syntax;
            bool opt_include_style;
            bool opt_help;
            bool opt_version ;
            bool opt_verbose;
            bool opt_print_config;
            bool opt_linenumbers;
            bool opt_style;
            bool opt_batch_mode;
            bool opt_fragment;
            bool opt_attach_line_anchors;
            bool opt_show_themes;
            bool opt_show_langdefs;
            bool opt_asformat_output;
            bool opt_printindex;
            bool opt_quiet;
            bool opt_replacequotes;
            bool opt_babel;
            bool opt_print_progress;
            bool opt_fill_zeroes;
            bool opt_stylepath_explicit;
            bool opt_force_output;
            bool opt_ordered_list;
            bool opt_fnames_as_anchors;
            bool opt_validate;
            bool opt_inlineCSS;
            bool opt_enclosePreTag;
            bool opt_charStyles;
            bool opt_prettySymbols;

            bool configFileRead;

            string anchorPrefix;

            string helpLang, encodingName;
            string configFilePath;

            /** list of all input file names */
00425             vector <string> inputFileNames;

            /** list lines which should be marked and supplied with help string */
00428             map <int, string> markLines;

            /** list of file types which should be ignored */
00431             set <string> ignoredFileTypes;

            /** load highlight configuration file */
            void loadConfigurationFile();

            /** \return file suffix */
            string getFileSuffix ( const string & fileName ) const;

            /** \return directory name of path */
            string getDirName ( const string & path );

            /** get all entries in the directory defined by wildcard */
            void readDirectory ( const string & wildcard );

            /** \return Boolean value of paramVal */
            bool getFlag ( const string& paramVal );

            /** \return Valid path name */
            string validateDirPath ( const string & path );


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