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CmdLineOptions Class Reference

#include <cmdlineoptions.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

handle command line options

Definition at line 129 of file cmdlineoptions.h.

Public Member Functions

bool additionalDataDirGiven () const
bool attachLineAnchors () const
 CmdLineOptions (const int argc, const char *argv[])
bool dataDirGiven () const
bool disableBabelShorthands () const
bool enableBatchMode () const
bool enclosePreTag () const
bool fillLineNrZeroes () const
bool forceOutput () const
bool formatSupportsExtStyle ()
bool fragmentOutput () const
const string & getAdditionalConfDir () const
const string & getAdditionalDataDir () const
const string & getAnchorPrefix () const
const string & getBaseFont () const
const string & getBaseFontSize () const
const string & getClassName () const
const string & getConfigFilePath () const
const string & getDataDir () const
const string & getDocumentTitle () const
const string & getEncoding () const
string getIndentScheme () const
const vector< string > & getInputFileNames () const
StringTools::KeywordCase getKeywordCase () const
const string & getLanguage () const
int getLineLength ()
const map< int, string > & getMarkLines ()
int getNumberSpaces () const
int getNumberStart ()
int getNumberWidth ()
const string & getOutDirectory ()
string getOutFileSuffix () const
highlight::OutputType getOutputType () const
const string & getPageSize () const
const string & getSingleInFilename () const
const string & getSingleOutFilename ()
const string & getStyleInFilename () const
const string getStyleOutFilename () const
const string & getSVGHeight () const
const string & getSVGWidth () const
const string & getTagsFile () const
string getThemeName () const
highlight::WrapMode getWrappingStyle () const
bool hasBaseFont () const
bool hasBaseFontSize () const
int helpLanguage () const
bool includeCharStyles () const
bool includeStyleDef () const
bool inlineCSS () const
bool isSkippedExt (const string &ext)
bool omitEncoding () const
bool orderedList () const
bool outDirGiven () const
bool prettySymbols () const
bool printConfigInfo () const
bool printDebugInfo () const
bool printHelp () const
bool printIndexFile () const
bool printLineNumbers () const
bool printProgress () const
bool printVersion () const
bool quietMode () const
bool replaceQuotes () const
bool showLangdefs () const
bool showThemes () const
bool styleOutPathDefined () const
bool syntaxGiven () const
bool useFNamesAsAnchors () const
bool validateInput () const

Private Member Functions

string getDirName (const string &path)
string getFileSuffix (const string &fileName) const
bool getFlag (const string &paramVal)
void loadConfigurationFile ()
void readDirectory (const string &wildcard)
string validateDirPath (const string &path)

Private Attributes

string additionalConfigDir
string additionalDataDir
string anchorPrefix
string baseFont
string baseFontSize
string className
string configFilePath
bool configFileRead
string ctagsFile
string dataDir
string docTitle
string encodingName
string helpLang
set< string > ignoredFileTypes
string indentScheme
vector< string > inputFileNames
StringTools::KeywordCase keywordCase
int lineLength
int lineNrStart
int lineNrWidth
map< int, string > markLines
string markLinesArg
int numberSpaces
bool opt_asformat_output
bool opt_attach_line_anchors
bool opt_babel
bool opt_batch_mode
bool opt_charStyles
bool opt_enclosePreTag
bool opt_fill_zeroes
bool opt_fnames_as_anchors
bool opt_force_output
bool opt_fragment
bool opt_help
bool opt_include_style
bool opt_inlineCSS
bool opt_linenumbers
bool opt_ordered_list
bool opt_prettySymbols
bool opt_print_config
bool opt_print_progress
bool opt_printindex
bool opt_quiet
bool opt_replacequotes
bool opt_show_langdefs
bool opt_show_themes
bool opt_style
bool opt_stylepath_explicit
bool opt_syntax
bool opt_validate
bool opt_verbose
bool opt_version
string outDirectory
string outFilename
highlight::OutputType outputType
string pageSize
string skipArg
string styleInFilename
string styleName
string styleOutFilename
string svg_height
string svg_width
string syntax
highlight::WrapMode wrappingStyle

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