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/* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 *   Copyright (C) 2006-2008 by Jim Pattee <jimp03@email.com>
 *   Copyright (C) 1998-2002 by Tal Davidson
 *   <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-3.0.html>
 *   This file is a part of Artistic Style - an indentation and
 *   reformatting tool for C, C++, C# and Java source files.
 *   <http://astyle.sourceforge.net>
 *   Artistic Style is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *   it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published
 *   by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
 *   (at your option) any later version.
 *   Artistic Style is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *   GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
 *   You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
 *   along with Artistic Style.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

#ifndef ASTYLE_H
#define ASTYLE_H

#ifdef __VMS
#define __USE_STD_IOSTREAM 1
#include <assert>
#include <cassert>

#include <string.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <cctype>

#ifdef _WIN32
#define STDCALL __stdcall
#define EXPORT  __declspec(dllexport)
#define STDCALL
#define EXPORT

#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma warning(disable: 4996)  // secure version deprecation warnings for .NET 2005
#pragma warning(disable: 4267)  // 64 bit signed/unsigned loss of data

#pragma warning(disable:  383)  // value copied to temporary, reference to temporary used
#pragma warning(disable:  444)  // destructor for base class is not virtual
#pragma warning(disable:  981)  // operands are evaluated in unspecified order
// #pragma warning(disable: 1418)  // external function with no prior declaration
// #pragma warning(disable: 1419)  // external declaration in primary source file

using namespace std;

namespace astyle

enum FileType      { C_TYPE=0, JAVA_TYPE=1, SHARP_TYPE=2 };

/* The enums below are not recognized by 'vectors' in Microsoft Visual C++
   V5 when they are part of a namespace!!!  Use Visual C++ V6 or higher.
enum FormatStyle   { STYLE_NONE,

enum BracketMode   { NONE_MODE,
                     BDAC_MODE = LINUX_MODE

enum BracketType   { NULL_TYPE = 0,
                     NAMESPACE_TYPE = 1,        // also a DEFINITION_TYPE
                     CLASS_TYPE = 2,            // also a DEFINITION_TYPE
                     INTERFACE_TYPE = 4,        // also a DEFINITION_TYPE
                     DEFINITION_TYPE = 8,
                     COMMAND_TYPE = 16,
                     ARRAY_TYPE  = 32,          // arrays and enums
                     SINGLE_LINE_TYPE = 64

class ASSourceIterator
            ASSourceIterator() {}
            virtual ~ASSourceIterator() {}
            virtual bool hasMoreLines() const = 0;
            virtual string nextLine(bool emptyLineWasDeleted = false) = 0;
            virtual string peekNextLine() = 0;
            virtual void peekReset() = 0;

class ASResource
            void buildAssignmentOperators(vector<const string*> &assignmentOperators);
            void buildCastOperators(vector<const string*> &castOperators);
            void buildHeaders(vector<const string*> &headers, int fileType, bool beautifier=false);
            void buildIndentableHeaders(vector<const string*> &indentableHeaders);
            void buildNonAssignmentOperators(vector<const string*> &nonAssignmentOperators);
            void buildNonParenHeaders(vector<const string*> &nonParenHeaders, int fileType, bool beautifier=false);
            void buildOperators(vector<const string*> &operators);
            void buildPreBlockStatements(vector<const string*> &preBlockStatements, int fileType);
            void buildPreCommandHeaders(vector<const string*> &preCommandHeaders, int fileType);
            void buildPreDefinitionHeaders(vector<const string*> &preDefinitionHeaders, int fileType);

            static const string AS_IF, AS_ELSE;
            static const string AS_DO, AS_WHILE;
            static const string AS_FOR;
            static const string AS_SWITCH, AS_CASE, AS_DEFAULT;
            static const string AS_TRY, AS_CATCH, AS_THROWS, AS_FINALLY;
            static const string AS_PUBLIC, AS_PROTECTED, AS_PRIVATE;
            static const string AS_STATIC, AS_CONST, AS_WHERE, AS_NEW;
            static const string AS_SYNCHRONIZED;
            static const string AS_OPERATOR, AS_TEMPLATE;
            static const string AS_OPEN_BRACKET, AS_CLOSE_BRACKET;
            static const string AS_OPEN_LINE_COMMENT, AS_OPEN_COMMENT, AS_CLOSE_COMMENT;
            static const string AS_BAR_DEFINE, AS_BAR_INCLUDE, AS_BAR_IF, AS_BAR_EL, AS_BAR_ENDIF;
            static const string AS_RETURN;
            static const string AS_CIN, AS_COUT, AS_CERR;
            static const string AS_ASSIGN, AS_PLUS_ASSIGN, AS_MINUS_ASSIGN, AS_MULT_ASSIGN;
            static const string AS_GR_GR_ASSIGN, AS_LS_LS_ASSIGN, AS_GR_GR_GR_ASSIGN, AS_LS_LS_LS_ASSIGN;
            static const string AS_GCC_MIN_ASSIGN, AS_GCC_MAX_ASSIGN;
            static const string AS_LS_EQUAL, AS_LS_LS_LS, AS_LS_LS;
            static const string AS_QUESTION_QUESTION, AS_EQUAL_GR;
            static const string AS_ARROW, AS_AND, AS_OR;
            static const string AS_COLON_COLON, AS_PAREN_PAREN, AS_BLPAREN_BLPAREN;
            static const string AS_PLUS, AS_MINUS, AS_MULT, AS_DIV, AS_MOD, AS_GR, AS_LS;
            static const string AS_NOT, AS_BIT_XOR, AS_BIT_OR, AS_BIT_AND, AS_BIT_NOT;
            static const string AS_QUESTION, AS_COLON, AS_SEMICOLON, AS_COMMA;
            static const string AS_ASM;
            static const string AS_FOREACH, AS_LOCK, AS_UNSAFE, AS_FIXED;
            static const string AS_GET, AS_SET, AS_ADD, AS_REMOVE;

class ASBase
            int fileType;          // a value from enum FileType

            ASBase() {};
            ~ASBase() {};

            // functions definitions are at the end of ASResource.cpp
            bool findKeyword(const string &line, int i, const string &keyword) const;
            string getCurrentWord(const string& line, size_t charNum) const;


            void init(int fileTypeArg) { fileType = fileTypeArg; }
            bool isCStyle() const { return (fileType == C_TYPE); }
            bool isJavaStyle() const { return (fileType == JAVA_TYPE); }
            bool isSharpStyle() const { return (fileType == SHARP_TYPE); }

            // check if a specific character can be used in a legal variable/method/class name
            bool isLegalNameChar(char ch) const {
                  if (isWhiteSpace(ch)) return false;
                  if ((unsigned) ch > 127) return false;
                  return (isalnum(ch)
                          || ch == '.' || ch == '_'
                          || (isJavaStyle() && ch == '$')
                          || (isSharpStyle() && ch == '@'));  // may be used as a prefix

            // check if a specific character can be part of a header
            bool isCharPotentialHeader(const string &line, size_t i) const {
                  char prevCh = ' ';
                  if (i > 0) prevCh = line[i-1];
                  if (!isLegalNameChar(prevCh) && isLegalNameChar(line[i]))
                        return true;
                  return false;

            // check if a specific character can be part of an operator
            bool isCharPotentialOperator(char ch) const {
                  if ((unsigned) ch > 127) return false;
                  return (ispunct(ch)
                          && ch != '{' && ch != '}'
                          && ch != '(' && ch != ')'
                          && ch != '[' && ch != ']'
                          && ch != ';' && ch != ','
                          && ch != '#' && ch != '\\'
                          && ch != '\'' && ch != '\"');

            // check if a specific character is a whitespace character
            bool isWhiteSpace(char ch) const { return (ch == ' ' || ch == '\t'); }

            // peek at the next unread character.
            char peekNextChar(const string &line, int i) const {
                  char ch = ' ';
                  size_t peekNum = line.find_first_not_of(" \t", i + 1);
                  if (peekNum == string::npos)
                        return ch;
                  ch = line[peekNum];
                  return ch;

class ASBeautifier : protected ASResource, protected ASBase
            virtual ~ASBeautifier();
            virtual void init(ASSourceIterator* iter); // pointer to dynamically created iterator.
            void init();
            virtual bool hasMoreLines() const;
            virtual string nextLine();
            virtual string beautify(const string &line);
            void setTabIndentation(int length = 4, bool forceTabs = false);
            void setSpaceIndentation(int length = 4);
            void setMaxInStatementIndentLength(int max);
            void setMinConditionalIndentLength(int min);
            void setClassIndent(bool state);
            void setSwitchIndent(bool state);
            void setCaseIndent(bool state);
            void setBracketIndent(bool state);
            void setBlockIndent(bool state);
            void setNamespaceIndent(bool state);
            void setLabelIndent(bool state);
            void setCStyle();
            void setJavaStyle();
            void setSharpStyle();
            void setEmptyLineFill(bool state);
            void setPreprocessorIndent(bool state);
            int  getFileType();
            int  getIndentLength(void);
            string getIndentString(void);
            char peekNextChar(const string &line, int i) const;
            bool getBracketIndent(void);
            bool getBlockIndent(void);
            bool getCaseIndent(void);
            bool getEmptyLineFill(void);

            const string* findHeader(const string &line, int i,
                                     const vector<const string*> &possibleHeaders) const;
            const string* findOperator(const string &line, int i,
                                       const vector<const string*> &possibleOperators) const;
            int getNextProgramCharDistance(const string &line, int i) const;
            int  indexOf(vector<const string*> &container, const string *element);
            string trim(const string &str);

            // variables set by ASFormatter - must be updated in activeBeautifierStack
            int  inLineNumber;
            bool lineCommentNoBeautify;
            bool isNonInStatementArray;
            bool isSharpAccessor;

      private:  // functions
            ASBeautifier(const ASBeautifier &copy);
            void operator=(ASBeautifier&); // not to be implemented

            void initStatic();
            void registerInStatementIndent(const string &line, int i, int spaceTabCount,
                                           int minIndent, bool updateParenStack);
            string preLineWS(int spaceTabCount, int tabCount);

            static vector<const string*> headers;
            static vector<const string*> nonParenHeaders;
            static vector<const string*> preBlockStatements;
            static vector<const string*> assignmentOperators;
            static vector<const string*> nonAssignmentOperators;
            static vector<const string*> indentableHeaders;

            ASSourceIterator *sourceIterator;
            vector<ASBeautifier*> *waitingBeautifierStack;
            vector<ASBeautifier*> *activeBeautifierStack;
            vector<int> *waitingBeautifierStackLengthStack;
            vector<int> *activeBeautifierStackLengthStack;
            vector<const string*> *headerStack;
            vector< vector<const string*>* > *tempStacks;
            vector<int> *blockParenDepthStack;
            vector<bool> *blockStatementStack;
            vector<bool> *parenStatementStack;
            vector<bool> *bracketBlockStateStack;
            vector<int> *inStatementIndentStack;
            vector<int> *inStatementIndentStackSizeStack;
            vector<int> *parenIndentStack;
            template<typename T> void deleteContainer(T &container);
            void deleteContainer(vector<vector<const string*>*>* &container);
            template<typename T> void initContainer(T &container, T value);

      private:  // variables
            string indentString;
            const string *currentHeader;
            const string *previousLastLineHeader;
            const string *probationHeader;
            bool isInQuote;
            bool isInVerbatimQuote;
            bool haveLineContinuationChar;
            bool isInComment;
            bool isInCase;
            bool isInQuestion;
            bool isInStatement;
            bool isInHeader;
            bool isInTemplate;
            bool isInDefine;
            bool isInDefineDefinition;
            bool classIndent;
            bool isInClassHeader;
            bool isInClassHeaderTab;
            bool switchIndent;
            bool caseIndent;
            bool namespaceIndent;
            bool bracketIndent;
            bool blockIndent;
            bool labelIndent;
            bool preprocessorIndent;
            bool isInConditional;
            bool isMinimalConditinalIndentSet;
            bool shouldForceTabIndentation;
            bool emptyLineFill;
            bool backslashEndsPrevLine;
            bool blockCommentNoIndent;
            bool blockCommentNoBeautify;
            bool previousLineProbationTab;
            int  fileType;
            int  minConditionalIndent;
            int  parenDepth;
            int  indentLength;
            int  blockTabCount;
            int  leadingWhiteSpaces;
            int  maxInStatementIndent;
            int  templateDepth;
            int  prevFinalLineSpaceTabCount;
            int  prevFinalLineTabCount;
            int  defineTabCount;
            char quoteChar;
            char prevNonSpaceCh;
            char currentNonSpaceCh;
            char currentNonLegalCh;
            char prevNonLegalCh;

class ASEnhancer : protected ASBase
      public:  // functions
            void init(int, int, string, bool, bool);
            void enhance(string &line);
            char peekNextChar(const string &line, int i) const;

            // options from command line or options file
            int  indentLength;
            bool useTabs;
            bool caseIndent;
            bool emptyLineFill;

            // parsing variables
            int  lineNumber;
            bool isInQuote;
            bool isInComment;
            char quoteChar;

            // unindent variables
            int  bracketCount;
            int  switchDepth;
            bool lookingForCaseBracket;
            bool unindentNextLine;

            // struct used by ParseFormattedLine function
            // contains variables used to unindent the case blocks
            struct switchVariables {
                  int  switchBracketCount;
                  int  unindentDepth;
                  bool unindentCase;

            switchVariables sw;                      // switch variables struct
            vector<switchVariables>  swVector;       // stack vector of switch variables

            // event table variables
            bool nextLineIsEventTable;              // begin event table is reached
            bool isInEventTable;                    // need to indent an event table

            // stringstream for trace
            stringstream *traceOut;

      private:  // functions
            int  indentLine(string  &line, const int indent) const;
            int  unindentLine(string  &line, const int unindent) const;

class ASFormatter : public ASBeautifier
            virtual ~ASFormatter();
            virtual void init(ASSourceIterator* iter);
            virtual bool hasMoreLines() const;
            virtual string nextLine();
            void setFormattingStyle(FormatStyle style);
            void setBracketFormatMode(BracketMode mode);
            void setBreakClosingHeaderBracketsMode(bool state);
            void setOperatorPaddingMode(bool mode);
            void setParensOutsidePaddingMode(bool mode);
            void setParensInsidePaddingMode(bool mode);
            void setParensUnPaddingMode(bool state);
            void setBreakOneLineBlocksMode(bool state);
            void setSingleStatementsMode(bool state);
            void setTabSpaceConversionMode(bool state);
            void setBreakBlocksMode(bool state);
            void setBreakClosingHeaderBlocksMode(bool state);
            void setBreakElseIfsMode(bool state);
            void setDeleteEmptyLinesMode(bool state);
            string traceFileName;

      private:  // functions
            void ASformatter(ASFormatter &copy);           // not to be imlpemented
            void operator=(ASFormatter&);                  // not to be implemented
            template<typename T> void deleteContainer(T &container);
            template<typename T> void initContainer(T &container, T value);
            void buildLanguageVectors();
            void checkForFollowingHeader(const string& firstLine);
            void convertTabToSpaces();
            void goForward(int i);
            void trimNewLine();
            char peekNextChar() const;
            BracketType getBracketType();
            bool commentAndHeaderFollows() const;
            bool getNextChar();
            bool getNextLine(bool emptyLineWasDeleted = false);
            bool isBeforeComment() const;
            bool isBeforeLineEndComment(int startPos) const;
            bool isBracketType(BracketType a, BracketType b) const;
            bool isNextWordSharpNonParenHeader(int startChar) const;
            bool isPointerOrReference() const;
            bool isUnaryOperator() const;
            bool isInExponent() const;
            bool isOneLineBlockReached() const;
            bool isNextCharOpeningBracket(int startChar) const;
            bool lineBeginsWith(char charToCheck) const;
            void appendCharInsideComments();
            void appendSequence(const string &sequence, bool canBreakLine = true);
            void appendSpacePad();
            void appendSpaceAfter();
            void breakLine();
            void deleteContainer(vector<BracketType>* &container);
            void initContainer(vector<BracketType>* &container, vector<BracketType>* value);
            void padOperators(const string *newOperator);
            void padParens();
            void formatBrackets(BracketType bracketType);
            void formatArrayBrackets(BracketType bracketType, bool isOpeningArrayBracket);
            void adjustComments();
            void setBreakBlocksVariables();
            void fixOptionVariableConflicts();
            void processPreprocessor();
            string peekNextText(const string& firstLine, bool endOnEmptyLine=false) const;

      private:  // variables
            static vector<const string*> headers;
            static vector<const string*> nonParenHeaders;
            static vector<const string*> preDefinitionHeaders;
            static vector<const string*> preCommandHeaders;
            static vector<const string*> operators;
            static vector<const string*> assignmentOperators;
            static vector<const string*> castOperators;

            ASSourceIterator *sourceIterator;
            ASEnhancer *enhancer;

            vector<const string*> *preBracketHeaderStack;
            vector<BracketType> *bracketTypeStack;
            vector<int> *parenStack;
            string readyFormattedLine;
            string currentLine;
            string formattedLine;
            const string *currentHeader;
            const string *previousOperator;    // used ONLY by pad-oper
            char currentChar;
            char previousChar;
            char previousNonWSChar;
            char previousCommandChar;
            char quoteChar;
            int  charNum;
            int  preprocBracketTypeStackSize;
            int  tabIncrementIn;
            int  spacePadNum;
            int  templateDepth;
            int  traceLineNumber;
            size_t formattedLineCommentNum;     // comment location on formattedLine
            size_t previousReadyFormattedLineLength;
            FormatStyle formattingStyle;
            BracketMode bracketFormatMode;
            BracketType previousBracketType;
            bool isVirgin;
            bool shouldPadOperators;
            bool shouldPadParensOutside;
            bool shouldPadParensInside;
            bool shouldUnPadParens;
            bool shouldConvertTabs;
            bool isInLineComment;
            bool isInComment;
            bool isInPreprocessor;
            bool isInTemplate;   // true both in template definitions (e.g. template<class A>) and template usage (e.g. F<int>).
            bool doesLineStartComment;
            bool lineEndsInCommentOnly;
            bool lineIsLineCommentOnly;
            bool lineIsEmpty;
            bool isImmediatelyPostCommentOnly;
            bool isImmediatelyPostEmptyLine;
            bool isInQuote;
            bool isInVerbatimQuote;
            bool haveLineContinuationChar;
            bool isInQuoteContinuation;
            bool isInBlParen;
            bool isSpecialChar;
            bool isNonParenHeader;
            bool foundQuestionMark;
            bool foundPreDefinitionHeader;
            bool foundNamespaceHeader;
            bool foundClassHeader;
            bool foundInterfaceHeader;
            bool foundPreCommandHeader;
            bool foundCastOperator;
            bool isInLineBreak;
            bool endOfCodeReached;
            bool lineCommentNoIndent;
            bool isLineReady;
            bool isPreviousBracketBlockRelated;
            bool isInPotentialCalculation;
            bool isCharImmediatelyPostComment;
            bool isPreviousCharPostComment;
            bool isCharImmediatelyPostLineComment;
            bool isCharImmediatelyPostOpenBlock;
            bool isCharImmediatelyPostCloseBlock;
            bool isCharImmediatelyPostTemplate;
            bool isCharImmediatelyPostReturn;
            bool isCharImmediatelyPostOperator;
            bool shouldBreakOneLineBlocks;
            bool shouldReparseCurrentChar;
            bool shouldBreakOneLineStatements;
            bool shouldBreakClosingHeaderBrackets;
            bool shouldBreakElseIfs;
            bool shouldDeleteEmptyLines;
            bool needHeaderOpeningBracket;
            bool passedSemicolon;
            bool passedColon;
            bool isImmediatelyPostComment;
            bool isImmediatelyPostLineComment;
            bool isImmediatelyPostEmptyBlock;
            bool isImmediatelyPostPreprocessor;
            bool isImmediatelyPostReturn;
            bool isImmediatelyPostOperator;

            bool shouldBreakBlocks;
            bool shouldBreakClosingHeaderBlocks;
            bool isPrependPostBlockEmptyLineRequested;
            bool isAppendPostBlockEmptyLineRequested;

            bool prependEmptyLine;
            bool appendOpeningBracket;
            bool foundClosingHeader;

            bool isInHeader;
            bool isImmediatelyPostHeader;
            bool isInCase;
            bool isJavaStaticConstructor;
            bool isInSharpGenericDefinition;

      private:  // inline functions
            // append a character to the current formatted line.
            void appendChar(char ch, bool canBreakLine) {
                  if (canBreakLine && isInLineBreak)
                  formattedLine.append(1, ch);
                  isImmediatelyPostCommentOnly = false;

            // append the CURRENT character (curentChar) to the current formatted line.
            void appendCurrentChar(bool canBreakLine = true) {
                  appendChar(currentChar, canBreakLine);

            // check if a specific sequence exists in the current placement of the current line
            bool isSequenceReached(const char *sequence) const {
                  return currentLine.compare(charNum, strlen(sequence), sequence) == 0;

            // call ASBase::findHeader for the current character
            const string *findHeader(const vector<const string*> &headers) {
                  return ASBeautifier::findHeader(currentLine, charNum, headers);

            // call ASBase::findOperator for the current character
            const string *findOperator(const vector<const string*> &headers) {
                  return ASBeautifier::findOperator(currentLine, charNum, headers);

// astyle namespace global declarations
// sort comparison functions for ASResource
bool sortOnLength(const string *a, const string *b);
bool sortOnName(const string *a, const string *b);

}   // end of astyle namespace

// end of astyle namespace  --------------------------------------------------

// declarations for library build
// global because they are called externally and are NOT part of the namespace

typedef void (STDCALL *fpError)(int, char*);       // pointer to callback error handler
typedef char* (STDCALL *fpAlloc)(unsigned long);   // pointer to callback memory allocation
extern "C" EXPORT char* STDCALL AStyleMain(const char*, const char*, fpError, fpAlloc);
extern "C" EXPORT const char* STDCALL AStyleGetVersion (void);

#endif // closes ASTYLE_H

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